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About Us

Summit Realty Service, LLC is a Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in Cannabis Real Estate throughout the State of Michigan.  The owner-broker is Bill Jakovac.  He has extensive experience in commercial real estate and finance over the last 30 years as a boutique business owner.  He has specialized and worked in Cannabis Real Estate for eight years with tens of millions in sales in this heavily regulated industry while navigating the complex ordinances of each municipality around the state. He is well versed in finding the right properties to get cannabis approvals. He has worked with the largest multi-state operators entering the state of Michigan to the smaller licensed businesses in all segments of the cannabis space.   


The state of Michigan Cannabis Real Estate market is fast moving, very challenging, and highly regulated as it relates to available zoned properties, licenses and gaining approvals in municipalities for all segments of cannabis licenses.  Finding the experienced real estate broker that fits your purchase or sale goals is difficult in traditional businesses and much tougher in the cannabis realm as most brokers have little knowledge of the intricacies involved.

Contact Bill Jakovac for a consultation to see if his knowledge and expertise in this Industry is what you need to further your business goals.

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